Roadshow Enterprise Architect 16 Agenda

Make your everyday modeling work easier with EA 16!

Our presentations at the EA 16 Roadshow

The Roadshow is the perfect opportunity to learn about the new version and meet other EA users. In addition, our experts present tips and tricks from and for practice:

  • The interaction of the Enterprise Architecture Tool Suite with EA 16, Prolaborate 4.0, Pro Cloud Server 5, Floating License Server and WebEA
  • Features of the last 3 releases which are rarely used, but make modeling much easier.
  • 5 steps for agile modeling

Our presentations

09:30h – 10:30h

Update EA16: Enterprise Architect Tool Suite

The SparxSystems Central Europe team will present the most important improvements of the new version. Enterprise Architect also offers valuable but seldom-used capabilities, which we will also present . And you simply ask us the questions to which you always wanted to have a competent and proven answer!

With Enterprise Architect 64 Bit, you now have an improved technology platform at your disposal. It offers many performance enhancements that allow you to work with much larger data sets, reports, files and repositories. The increase in performance is further enhanced by the use of native database drivers.

With the new Scriptlet element, you leverage the underlying rich chart and element API and can easily customize appearance, text, highlighted values, and other properties. In conjunction with the also newly implemented Grid Style, you can use calculation functions to express even more information in the model. With the Code Miner you get a powerful tool to import legacy code for analysis purposes.

11:00h – 12:30h

Update EA16, Pro Cloud Server, Prolaborate, Cases

In addition to Enterprise Architect 16, we will show you the entire Sparx Systems Tool Suite with Pro Cloud Server 5, Prolaborate 4 and WebEA. Many of the new possibilities will open up in daily use and will certainly become indispensable.

We will give you an insight into the new possibilities of Enterprise Architect 16 in interaction with the entire Tool Suite to quickly introduce you to the new work experience. It already starts with the intuitive menu structure, which you can specifically design yourself. The improved user experience runs through the entire tool suite and facilitates the daily use of modeling. Last but not least, the possibilities for collaboration in the modeling process have also been fundamentally improved. So Enterprise Architect 16 not only opens up the world of modeling in a whole new way, but is built into a broad ecosystem that you can fully customize to your tasks.

13:30h – 16:00h

5 steps for agile modeling across the enterprise

Enterprise Architect is a modeling platform with many options in regards to design, language, …. Which can lead to the impression that getting started with modeling seems very complex complex. We will show you in practical examples how you can overcome this hurdle with customized profiles and validation rules to make modeling more agile. At the same time, you will meet all compliance requirements and be able to automatically implement modeling rules throughout the entire company.

Our five-step approach:

  • Step 1: Develop a model with all necessary information, work out questions with the stakeholders, develop a sample solution (reference model) to answer the questions.
  • Step 2: Derive the project-specific metamodel and further rules and guidelines for the modeling approach
  • Step 3: Configure the EA (simplify interface, adapt modeling language, map rules with UML profile and metaconstraints.
  • Step 4: Restrict the EA using Restricted Perspectives.
  • Step 5: Implement validation rules
  • Step 6: If necessary, implement additional wizards in the EA.

 More about the EA 16 Roadshow.

Our dates:

May 10 Munich*, May 11 Stuttgart*, May 12 Frankfurt*, May 24 Zurich*, June 13 Stockholm**, June 15 Brussels**, June 29 Berlin*. (*Event language German, ** Event language English)

You can find more information about the already known locations here.

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