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Helpful links about document generation

Die Ressourcen hinter den folgenden Links können bei der Generierung von Dokumentation sowie der Erstellung von Dokument-Vorlagen hilfreich sein:

EA 12 -> EA 13 Mapping Table

When switching from one version to the next, the menu structure is often revised.

To make the switch from EA 12 to EA 13 as simple as possible, we have created a mapping table.

The table can be downloaded Posted in EA FAQs, Enterprise Architect, Tips & Tricks

EA 13 -> EA 14.1 Mapping Table

Since EA 13 the EA offers the possibility to search for menu commands. Unfortunately, this search does not show where to find the command in the ribbon structure.

Therefore, we have created a translation table from EA 13.5 to 14.1.

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Diagramm-Objekt bei Doppelklick im Output-Fenster programmatisch selektieren und fokussieren

With the EA API we can do a lot of automation. For example, we can programmatically select one or more model elements in a diagram. Specifically, we select the graphical representation of model elements, the diagram objects. A frequently used appl…

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Search - Excluded Packages from RTF Reports

Suchen und Finde...
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Verwendung von UML Constraint Elementen

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Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013: Connect and synchronize with TFS

System Requirements:

At the target system the following products must be installed, ready to use and licensed:

  • Enterprise Architect: version 7.5 or higher Ultimate / Syste…
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Neues Projekt aus Projektvorlage erstellen in EA-12

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Kann ich Profile der Relationship Matrix zwischen Projekten exportieren?

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